Leizig is a leading manufacturer of cabinet environmental control, since 1990has always been focused  on industrial cabinet ventilation, refrigeration, dehumidification, heat exchange, heating, lighting and environmental monitoring system, with "innovation and achievements of the future" as the product research and development purposes, has been in the field of industrial automation, electric power and telecommunications to provide customers the green intelligentindustrial cabinet environmental control products and operation service.

As the industry cabinet environmental control of the manufacturer and operationservices, customer satisfaction is the foundation of our business, Leizig has always been to "exceed customer expectations" for  theindustrial service concept,at the same time have been paying close attention to global environmental protection, ensure the development of products and service embodies the highestrequirements of environmental protection, become can provide global for the customer service internationalization company.

  • EC (Enclosure Cooler)

    Enclosure cooling unit, cabinet cooler

  • HEX( Heat Exchanger)

    Air/Air, air/water or water/water heat exchanger

  • EV ( Enclosure Ventilation)

    Perfectly simple

  • DH(Dehumidifier system)

    Intelligent dehumidification,unlimited

  • CH( Cabinet Heater )

    Instant warmth right to the core

  • Enclosure Lighting& Monitoring

    LED light, temperature and humidity controller